Competitive renewable energy pricing is guranteed,
natural gas suppliers are compared
, therefore we can lower your energy bill
by 10-20%!


What we can offer?

Renewable electric energy for 18-22Ft/kWh, furthermore, we decrease your capacity needs.
We can decrease your electric energy bill by


We help you understand what are the hidden fees in your bill.

Online Dashboard

You can keep track of your consumption on our dashboard.

Reactive energy compensation

We can reduce your reactive energy consumption which is varies from 5 to 30% of your electric energy bill. With our program you can lease a reactive compensation device from us and we ensure the savings!

Renewable energy

In our portfolio there are more than 700 PV power plants!

Contracted capacity

By our automatic analyzation tool we lower your capacity needs if needed.

Contracting natural gas suppliers!

We can contract multiple natural gas suppliers to ensure you the best possible pricing.

You save up to 25%, besides getting greener.

Monthly bill

50 eFt
500 eFT

Yearly savings: 480 eFT
Monthly bill: 300 eFT



PV plant

Wind park

Power plant